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Private Residence, Mebane. Tropical Brown granite from Saudi Arabia with its deep walnut tones and three dimensional depth creates a practical and beautiful work area in this laundry home.  This home, built years ago, was recently renovated and updated.
Private Residence, Chapel Hill. This Peacock granite has lovely color and dimension. It was specified for a new residence in The Oaks of Chapel Hill. The detailing for which Prescott Stone Fabricators is known is typified by this sculpted corner detail.
Private Residence, Chapel Hill. This cocktail bar, with a lower section and raised area for seating, was fabricated of Amadeus granite.  This granite is a jewel-tone navy blue with off-white veins and prominent garnets distributed throughout the stone.
Private Residence, Raleigh. This image of a North Raleigh kitchen depicts the tubular steel substrate that supported a large peninsula.  Prescott Stone Fabricators provides custom designed and fabricated tubular steel supports for any overhangs. Most often, the steel is painted matt
 Prescott Stone Fabricators designs, fabricates and installs tubular steel to give proper support to overhangs. This is done in consideration of safety and liability issues. Most often, as in this image, the overhang is designed as a bar to allow seating.


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