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Where do you obtain the stone?

Our stone is quarried all over the world. Most of the blocks are shipped to Italy for cutting and polishing and then port on the east coast before being shipped to our suppliers. Prescott Stone only uses suppliers who provide select granite. We never purchase "seconds" or go through disreputable suppliers. Mostly, we purchase from suppliers in Atlanta and Washington, D.C. but we have suppliers as far away as New York and Florida.

How long does it take once we sign a contract?
Our schedule is usually booked eight to 12 weeks in advance. From time to time, jobs become delayed. When this happens, we can start your job earlier by slipping you in. For remodels, from the time we make templates until we return with your stone, is usually seven to ten business days. For new construction, it is usually a minimum of 14 business days.
What do you do with the leftover stone?
Prescott Stone only charges you for the material that is actually used. Therefore, any remaining material is the property of Prescott Stone. Because you are charged for the material in sink and cooktop cut-outs, these pieces technically belong to the customer. If the customer wishes, we can deliver them or, for additional cost, re-cut and polish them into bread boards.
How can I know what my stone will look like if it is special ordered?
Our suppliers will provide us with a sample from the acutual slab(s) to be used on your job. This allows you to see the quality of polish, the color and the composition. We often request Poloroids and digital images to go with the samples. Also, customers are directed to suppliers in the area so they may hand-pick their selections.
How much do granite countertops cost?
The least expensive granites are comparable to the more expensive solid surface materials. Many factors are considered when we price a prospective job: price of the stone, size of the slabs, the type of edge, the number of holes to be cut, and other details, too. This is why we have a strong preference for meeting with you before any pricing is provided.
What is the thickness of the stone?
The stone is available in two thicknesses: ¾ inch and 1 ¼", 2cm and 3cm respectively. Granite flooring tile is 3/8" thick and usually 12" X 12".
How careful do I have to be with granite?
Granite is scratch resistant and heat resistant. Take your pots right off the stove and place them on the granite. Take things right out of the oven and place them on the granite. Do not cut on the granite because you run the risk of dulling your knives! Other stones such as marble and limestone do not perform as predictably and we discourage their use in several places, especially the kitchen.
How do I maintain my granite?
Soap and water! We will provide you with detailed instructions but the bottom line is just soap and water. Prescott Stone seals all of the slabs before cutting even begins and this protects your stone from staining. You should re-seal after the first year and then every three to five years as needed. Oil spills can be problematic so, if you spill oil on your counters, clean it up as you go and do not allow it to sit on the stone for any length of time.


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