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Private Residence Close collaboration with Town & Country Kitchens, Ltd. Was required on this job.  The goal was to detail this job in Duke Park to minimize the number of seams on the expansive counter. This was installed as essentially a seamless installation The stone, h
Private Residence, Chapel Hill This Chapel Hill couple upgraded from solid surface to New Venetian Gold granite.  The introduction of this jewel tone stone added visible warmth and interest to the space.
Private Residence, Mebane. Tropical Brown granite from Saudi Arabia. This kitchen combines the two standard granite thickness options by utilizing 3cm stone on the perimeter counters and laminated 2cm stone on the island (which yields a thickness of 4cm). Some of the details includ
Private Residence, Chapel Hill. Verde Jewel granite, also known as Green Hawaiian granite, is quarried in India and was specified for this island as an accent to other surfaces in the kitchen. The colorful base cabinet ties in with the garnet crystals in this stone. Note the tight toler
Private Residence, Raleigh. The owner of this North Raleigh residence selected Blue Caramel (AKA Amazon Blue) granite for her kitchen. Prescott Stone’s Factory Seam®, as shown here, allows us to install counters up to 14 feet long without a site seam. Our Factory Seams® minimize the
Private Residence, Chapel Hill. This kitchen renovation in Chapel Hill replaced the pre-existing solid surface with New Venetian Gold granite. Functionally, this enhanced the cooktop area as the granite performs very well near heat and will not scorch. The richness and depth of the New
Private Residence, Raleigh. The granite is Bianco Romano New and it is quarried in Brazil. The use of Prescott Stone’s Factory Seam® created the illusion of a huge single piece of stone all the way past the cooktop cut-out. It is only with the expertise of our highly skilled personn
Private Residence, Raleigh. This residence, located inside the Raleigh Beltline, was upfitted using white cabinets with Bianco Romano granite and polished chrome plumbing fixtures.
Private Residence, Raleigh. Often our customers just want to replace their existing countertops with granite but want to retain their pre-existing tile backsplash. This was the case for the owners of this Hope Valley home. Prescott Stone Fabricators regularly receives such requests
Private Residence, Chapel Hill. Evocative of an earlier era, the designer of this Chapel Hill kitchen initially specified marble for the counters. Instead, the clients selected Bianco Romano granite that is reminiscent of a white travertine. Use of the granite (as opposed to travertine)
Private Residence. Shivakashi Peach, a variation of Shivakashi granite from India, was used in this kitchen. The tones, which varied from terracotta to peach to ivory blended well with the maple cabinets and tile splash. This stone, when accented with under cabinet lighting
Private Residence, Chapel Hill. Prescott Stone Fabricators is often specified for remodeling jobs. Replacement of outdated kitchen counters with granite has become our niche. We are especially well suited to dealing directly with homeowners, providing respectful and courteous service an
Private Residence, Chapel Hill. This Chapel Hill kitchen remodel integrates a stainless steel backsplash with the granite. This granite, known as Tropical Violet, is actually a deep, rich, green with a right to left grain. It has deep, rich, red highlights.
Private Residence, Chapel Hill. The decorator of this Chapel Hill residence requested a granite buffet top that would complement the client’s elegant Japanese screen. Kashmir Gold, an Indian granite, served as a perfect solution for this need.
Private Residence. Use of a full-height backsplash at this Butler’s Pantry showcases the beauty of very rich Baltic Brown granite. This stone, quarried in Finland, comes in a wide range of color from beige/gray to deep chocolate-black with forest green accents. The extra la
Private Residence, Orange County. Quartzites, such as this Verde Marinace, are even harder than granite! Verde Marinace was selected for this kitchen remodel in Orange County not only to “bring elements of the outside into the house” but also because it blends so beautifully with the cher
Chapel Hill Parade of Homes, Fall 2002. This Parade kitchen was designed to exploit the subtle green hues in the Verde Eucalyptus granite used on the island and counters. This granite is quarried in Brazil and has some charcoal grains that tie in well with the stainless steel.
Private Residence, Wake County. These countertops were constructed with beautiful Verde Butterfly granite, which is quarried in Brazil. The house, built by Olde Heritage Homes, was a first-place winner in the Raleigh/Wake Parade of Homes.
Private Residence, Durham. This designer kitchen features a “grand piano” island and was highlighted in the February/March issue of Better Homes & Gardens Remodeling Magazine. The granite is Kashmir White, from India, and the designer is Julie Staelin.
Private Residence, Durham. This couple replaced their dark tile counters with Kashmir White granite which is quarried in India. The before and after pictures illustrate the dramatic difference this upfit made in their kitchen. Due to the unpredictable patterns in each slab of stone
Private Residence, Chapel Hill. This Chapel Hill residence features Golden Beach granite in the kitchen. Golden Beach, quarried in Brazil, is extraordinarily unpredictable in its composition and is reminiscent of marble. This stone has accents of smoky, topaz quartz which make it quite
Private Residence, Chapel Hill. This island was designed by the lady of the house, a home economist, who entertains frequently and prepares meals for her extended family. The stone, from Brazil, is known as Giallo Ornamental and has an ivory background with gold and garnet crystals. The
Private Residence, Durham. This Durham couple selected Amazon Blue granite from India to coordinate with handmade tile accents. The stone has a vivid blue accent crystal and the dominant color ranges from brown to peach.
Private Residence, Chapel Hill. Verde Maritaka granite, characterized by lots of swirls and movement, was used in this Chapel Hill kitchen. The clients collaborated with us on the layout of the stone to ensure that the part they liked best was prominently featured.
Private Residence, Chapel Hill. This island seating area is supported by tubular steel which will increase the safety and support for the heavy granite.  It also provides an unencumbered area for legs and knees to move about freely without bumping into a bracket.  The granite is called
Private Residence, Chapel Hill. This window sill is fabricated of Golden Beach granite which is quarried in Brazil. Detailing such as this sill exemplifies the type of fabrication for which Prescott Stone is known.
Private Residence, Chapel Hill. The client selected this buttery yellow stone, Golden Beach,  as a backdrop for her flow blue china collection. Golden Beach has tremendous variation in its composition, even within one slab.  For this reason, clients are encouraged to come by the shop an
Private Residence, Zebulon. This award-winning home featured Peacock granite from Prescott Stone Fabricators.  Quarried in Brazil, this jewel-tone green has extraordinary depth and color.
Private Residence, Chapel Hill. This couple replaced their kitchen cabinets and decided to upgrade their counters to granite.  They selected a Brazilian stone, Juperana Colombo.  This stone has fine to coarse crystals with lots of swirls and is often available in oversized slabs often a
Private Residence, North Raleigh. This large, angled island has a raised bar, 2 undermount sinks and captured backsplash with holes for electrical outlets.
Private Residence, Raleigh. Texas Red granite was specified for this island to bring a little piece of Texas into the kitchen of Texas natives.  The asymmetric raised bar was designed by Prescott Stone at the request of the homeowner and there is a captured backsplash and a drop-in
Private Residence, Durham. Ice Flower soapstone was selected for the tops in this house.  Once cured with mineral oil, the rich green veins become prominent and provide lots of visual interest in this kitchen.
Private Residence, Durham. Decorative steel supports in the Arts and Crafts style were designed, fabricated and installed by Prescott Stone to support this soapstone peninsula.
Private Residence, North Raleigh. An integral grooved drainboard was specified by this client who says it is a great feature of this kitchen and used regularly.
Private Residence, Chapel Hill. This Chapel Hill retirement villa was transformed when the kitchen was updated using distressed pine cabinets and 2cm New Venetian Gold granite counters.  New Venetian Gold is quarried in Brazil and this 2cm stone was laminated on the edges to create the
Private Residence, Chapel Hill. Blue Pearl granite, quarried in Norway, was used for the counters in this kitchen. The huge, curved overhang is supported by tubular steel that was designed, fabricated and installed by Prescott Stone Fabricators.
Private Residence, Hillsborough. Golden Juperana granite, now difficult to obtain, was used in the kitchen of this historic homestead.
Private Residence, Chapel Hill. Verde San Francisco granite was selected for this kitchen due to its soft green-gray tones and beautiful, swirling movement. The slabs were just large enough to fabricate the island in one piece, eliminating the need for a seam. Decorative wood corbels ap
Private Residence, Hillsborough. Violetta granite, quarried in Saudi Arabia, was utilized for the counters in this kitchen. Due to the hardness and strength of this particular granite, we were able to cut two large holes, side by side, and configure two undermount sinks as preferred by t
Private Residence, Raleigh. Violetta granite was used for the counters in this kitchen and creates a rich, elegant feeling. The highlights in the Violetta are burgundy/cranberry.
Private Residence, Chapel Hill. Baltic Brown granite, quarried in Finland, was used for the counter surfaces in this home. Close collaboration with the builder was required to execute the cooktop alcove.


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